Hirayama Front Load HRG-112 Steam Sterilizer

Hirayama Front Load HRG-112 Sterilizer with Dry without Basket
Manufacturer: Hirayama Sterilizers
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Hirayama Front Load HRG-112 Sterilizer with Dry without Basket

112 and 140-liter Models with Drying by Heat and a Vacuum Pump
Also, Featuring a Vertical Sliding Door to Save Space and a Sliding Tray for Convenient Loading

Vertical Sliding Door - The vertical door manually slides up and down, and therefore does not require additional floor space for loading and unloading. Open-close movement is smooth, and the closing is safe because an automatic locking device.
Convenient Sliding Tray - The sliding tray is convenient and safe for loading and unloading. There is no need to reach inside to remove a load or a basket. In addition, the sliding tray can be removed to facilitate the cleaning of the chamber.
Safety Interlock System - The door is locked by detecting above-atmospheric pressure, high temperature and sufficient water level inside the chamber. It also is locked during a cycle and if the equipment is interrupted.
The Drying Function has been Improved - Drying capacity has been further improved by using a high capacity vacuum pump. Moreover, an additional drying stage without re-sterilization is available, if necessary.
Large Operation Panel - The large operation panel is easy to read and operate. The operation panel shows the status of a cycle, and the stage or the selected cycle by the load is displayed with lamps.
Options- Digital Printer - prints time, temperature and pressure, Data Logger - operates at up to 140oC and is autoclavable, Load Sensor - Timer starts to count when the load temperature reaches the set temperature.
Accessories: Square wire basket, square wire basket with a solid bottom and drums.

Vertical Manual Sliding Door for Open/Close (Auto Lock) Built-in Vacuum Pump and Drying Cycle
HRG-112 / 140
Vertical Sliding Door
Smooth Open/Close and Automatic Door Lock for Safety.
Slide Tray
For Easy and Safety Loading and Unloading.
Drying efficiency is increased
uilt-in High Performance Vacuum Pump.
Vapor condensing system improves working environment
Built-in Radiator effects the Exhaust Steam Cooling.
Effective Utilization of Footprint
Sliding Door System can offer the effective utilization by limited Footprint.

Products specifications
Sterilizer Type Automatic Sterilizer
Sterilizer Door Size 17 inches
Sterilizer Chamber Depth 32 inches
Sterilizer Dimension 27.2" x 41.3" x 54.5" (690mm x 1048mm x 1372mm)
Sterilizer Chamber Volume 30 Gal/112 L
Vacuum Pump Yes
Sterilizer Power Voltage 220V Single Phase
Sterilzier Power Current 20A
Dry Mode Yes
Loading Methods Front Load
Sterilizer Program 1. For Solids w Drying, 2. For Solid wo Drying, 3. For Liquid, 4. Extra Drying
Sterilizer High Temperature 275F (134C)
Color Beige
Type of Heating Element Internal Heating Element
Type of Door Automatic Sliding Door
Printer Option
Warranty Parts and Labor 1 year
Laboratory Customer Yes
Industry Customer Yes
Government Customer Yes
Tattoo, Beauty Salon Customer No
Medical Doctor No
Dentist Customer No
FDA Certificate No
ASME Certificate No
CE Certificate Yes
ISO Certificate Yes