Pelton & Crane Sterilizer

One of the most traditional steam sterilizer makers in the States. Its OCM, OCR, Sentry is fully manual sterilizer, but is very durable and reliable. Some of these sterilizer works for more than 20 or 30 years. Pelton & Crane completely moved to automatic sterilizers from Validator to Delta, the latest version is its Delta Q.

"Instrument sterilization is critical to your practice’s operation – and the Delta Q sterilizer provides an efficient, reliable solution to your sterilization needs. Extensive R&D and rigorous testing ensure the Delta Q dental sterilizer delivers consistent, fast results every time. With approval for handpiece sterilization and customizable sterilization settings, you can depend on successful completion of every cycle in the shortest time possible. Excellence in engineering, coupled with our six month replacement guarantee and three year warranty, make the Delta Q a superior choice for your peace of mind." cited from Pelton website.

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Delta 8 Pelton Crane Sterilizer Refurbished

Pelton Crane Delta 8 Sterilizer Refurbished
$2,088.00 $1,588.00

Pelton Crane Validator Plus 8 Sterilizer Reconditioned

Pelton Crane Validator Plus 8 Sterilizer Reconditioned
$2,288.00 $2,088.00

Autoclave Sterilizer Cleaning Kit

Autoclave Sterilizer Cleaning Kit for most steam sterilizers
$85.00 $76.18

Bellow for Pelton Crane sterilizers

Bellow for Pelton Crane Sterilizers Magnaclave, OCM, OCR, OCR + Sentry, Validator
$53.42 $48.57