Reconditioned Statim 2000 Sterilizer

Reconditioned Statim 2000 Sterilizer
Manufacturer: SciCan Sterilizer
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Reconditioned Statim 2000 Sterilizer

  • Ultra fast 6 minute unwrapped cycle
  • 14 minute wrapped cycle
  • Rubber cycle
  • Dry cycle



Products specifications
Sterilizer Type Automatic Sterilizer
Printer No
Sterilizer Door Size 11" x 7"
Sterilizer Chamber Depth 1.5
Sterilizer Dimension 19" x 16.25" x 6" (480mm x 415mm x 150mm)
Sterilizer Chamber Volume 1.6 Gal/6.08 L
Vacuum Pump No
Sterilizer Power Voltage 120V Single Phase
Sterilzier Power Current 10A
Dry Mode Yes
Loading Methods Front Load
Sterilizer Program Unwrapped, Wrapped, Rubber/Plastic, Heavy Duty Unwrapped (SciCan Statim settings)
Sterilizer High Temperature 275F (134C)
Color White
Type of Heating Element External Steam Generator
Type of Door Drawer
Laboratory Customer No
Industry Customer No
Government Customer No
Tattoo, Beauty Salon Customer Yes
Medical Doctor Yes
Dentist Customer Yes
FDA Certificate Yes
ASME Certificate No
UL Cerificate No
CE Certificate Yes
ISO Certificate No
GMP Certificate No
Warranty Parts and Labor 6 months