Tuttnauer Elara 11 Sterilizer W Virus Protective Cycle for COVID19 pandemic

The Elara 11 is designed for sterilization of wrapped, porous and hollow loads.
Manufacturer: Tuttnauer Sterilizers

With over 80 years of expertise in sterilization and infection control, Tuttnauer has always provided reliable and
advanced technology. The Elara 11, our latest addition to the Tuttnauer pre & post vacuum autoclave family, continues
this tradition. It is an ideal sterilization solution for any dental, outpatient or private clinic which needs the highest
sterilization standards.

Tuttnauer developed the class B autoclave Virus Protective Cycle as a response to the #covid19 pandemic

Products specifications
Sterilizer Type Automatic Sterilizer with Vacuum and Dry Pump
Sterilizer Chamber Depth 19 inches
Sterilizer Door Size 11 inches
Sterilizer Chamber Volume 7.5 Gal/28.5 L
Sterilizer Dimension 21" x 18" x 26" (530mm x 444mm x 645mm) Elara
Sterilizer Power Voltage 220V Single Phase
Sterilzier Power Current 10A
Loading Methods Front Load
Color White
Sterilizer Program Flash 273, Wdy273, No Dry 250, Wdry 250, Delicate 250 (for Elana 11)
Sterilizer High Temperature 275F (134C)
Type of Heating Element Internal Heating Element
Sterilizer Speed Pre-Vacuum
Warranty Parts and Labor 1 year